School Staff Jan Jagruti Abhiyan Chalavva Babat 2022

School Staff Jan Jagruti Abhiyan Chalavva Babat: Giving information about the work on research on the above mentioned topic by the Hon’ble Governor, on 09/08/2021, in view of the current situation of Kovid-19, the Education Minister informed the academic and non-academic staff of all the primary schools by the State by Biseg. In the program of Secondary and Higher Secondary School was addressed.

School Staff Jan Jagruti Abhiyan Chalavva Babat

School Staff Jan Jagruti Abhiyan Chalavva Babat 2022:

All the schools in the state have been given guidance by the Hon’ble Education Minister and the Governor to help the people in the society in this situation of Kovid-19. In the critical time of pandemic, if correct understanding is given along with corrective action to prevent further spread of corona with the help of students and parents along with the people of the state. In this way, from the family to the school and the students and their parents, the guidelines issued by the government should be implemented.

It was said by the Hon’ble Governor and Education Minister that if all the steps taken by the government in this regard are brought to the society, then all these steps will have a positive effect on the people of the society. From their research it is requested to see that everyone is requested to follow some rules below by the school and family due to this research. 

Oath in 2-4-2011 Answer – 19 in the field of education under public opinion response by all the school employees in the state – cc In the steps taken by Newton School, in the current situation, doctors, sweepers, 108, Dhanwantri are working as warriors Raths, Paramedics will have to work as frontline warriors contributing day and night to the society without worrying about their families, police department and other ambulance workers. Now it also includes giving public education to students through telephone and webinars.

According to the proposal with the help of single file of the office due to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, the celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi will end on 2nd October. On the other hand, in the second phase of the Swachh Bharat Mission started by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, a campaign has been launched keeping in mind the creation of a “single-use plastic-free” society.

Even in this time, it is necessary to implement a new project on environmental awareness among all the students studying in schools through education while developing the environmentalist ideas of Pujya Bapu at the school level. The state has also established a computer lab for computer education and a STEM lab for science-math education.

Similarly, the problem of starting “Environmental Experimental Schools” in all primary and secondary schools is being considered by the government. solve; Mahatma Gandhi The birth anniversary of 150 of the nation will end on 2nd October at the end of adult thinking.

At the same time, in the second phase of the Swachh Bharat Mission launched by the Prime Minister, a campaign has been launched to create a single ‘use free plastic’ community. To develop environmental ideas from esteemed BAPU and to create environmental awareness programs among students studying in schools, to implement innovative projects at school level in all primary and secondary schools of the state.

As the state has a computer laboratory for computer education and a similar laboratory for science education, it has become imperative to provide environmental laboratory facilities for environmental education so that students can understand the environment more effectively. To accelerate environmental activities, eco-friendly clubs are currently being set up in all the schools in the state.

There is a need to start ‘Environmental Lab’ in every school to make the Eco Club more effective, accelerate its activities and encourage environmental education, clearly.

Paryavaran Prayogshala in Primary Secondary School:

Apart from agriculture, most of the students studying in the schools come from families belonging to the milk and animal husbandry sector and live in the future by contributing to the sector. Only in this way is it possible. Therefore, if this student becomes accustomed to the organic and zero natural budget of agriculture (ZBNF) and learns about high-quality agriculture while preserving the environment, it will also be a priority in the environmental laboratory.

Organic and zero budget policies will realize the importance of agriculture (ZBNF) (Agriculture Concepts) (Agriculture Concepts) (Agriculture Concepts), make students aware of the adverse effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the environment and avoid their use in the environment. Inspire the future and others.

To make all these things useful in schools, cultivation of crops and gardening in schools, drop drops, harvesting of rain water, creation of organic filth, kitchen garden, roof garden, terrace agriculture, herbal agriculture, single use Water. It is very important that projects like water conservation and hydroponics are set up on a small scale at the school level. 

In primary and secondary education, various environmental projects are recommended in environmental, science, social science and other disciplines. It is very important to provide an environment that can only be done in school.

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School Staff Jan Jagruti Abhiyan Chalavva Babat Date – 26/04/2021 
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