Bhashadip Solution for STD 7 (All WEEK) 2022 PDF Download

STD 7 BHASADEEP SOLUTION DOWNLOAD-Bhashadip SOLUTION Booklet: 100 Days Reading Campaign Model.

This “Reading Campaign” is run with the help of the Gujarat Education Department. For this purpose, a reading literature book Bhashadeep Module Solution Place 2 has been created. You can download Pdf from below here.

Bhashadip Solution for STD 7 (All WEEK) PDF Download

Due to the reading campaign, teacher training through BiSeg can be seen in the Vachan Abhiyan module for teachers. On the branch note, under 9/1/2 got respect. This year primary schools in Gujarat have followed the above topic and context by the education department. 

Along with this, it was also decided to take forward the ‘Reading Campaign’ in ‘Standard Reading’ this year. Oral language exercises based on the listening-pronunciation campaign were launched from 7th September.     

Bhashadip Book Solution for STD 7 (All WEEK) PDF Download 2022:

The list of activities to be done according to the day is known from studies 6 to 8 –

important link-

The oral language practice activity is delivered to all teachers through unit tests through standard 1 to 5 SSAs. In order to make the reading campaign a success, preparations were made to provide training to each of the teachers of the state-level 1 – 2 through two segments.

This plan is something like this.

Ta. You will train teleconferencing on 9/1/9 through training bias.

Time 11 to 12 to class 6 to 8 and other 30 teachers.

STD 7 Bhashadip Solution Download PDF 2022 All WEEK: 

If seen, 10000 teachers from classes 1 to 5, who are CRC, BRP, ADE, BRC, Coordinator, TPEO, and Diet Lecturer, personally visit the schools with necessary questions during the teleconference. Under this training, activities are demonstrated due to their importance, campaign, and purpose.          

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Week 1 – Solution: DOWNLOAD



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