eSanjeevaniOPD Registration Portal – SAFE HOME OPD 2022

E Sanjeevani OPD Registration 2022: To avail of this service, check the token generation by visiting the portal, login and wait and know the doctor’s consultation process, know the patient profile, check timings, how to download eSanjeevaniOPD app with the help of google play store Apart from this, the link to contact us and other complete details are available here.

At present, all the work of e-Sanjeevani OPD registration portal is being done at All those people, you can easily download the E Sanjeevani OPD App to take advantage of the Ministry of Family Welfare and People Health Services. 

eSanjeevaniOPD Registration Portal - SAFE HOME OPD 2022

If seen, this online OPD service is one of the first services provided by the Indian government. Let us tell that the purpose of eSanjeevaniOPD is to take all health services to the homes of patients. Also, video help simplifies clinical consultation between a doctor and a patient.

eSanjeevaniOPD – Stay Home OPD was developed in Mohali with the help of C-DAC ie Center for Development of Advanced Computing. Some of the salient features of the web-based National Telecom Service (e-Sanjeevani OPD) include a configurable online OPD service, number of daily slots, waiting room slots, number of doctors, and OPDs/special clinics, consultation timings. limits etc.

E-Sanjeevani Seva is a doctor-to-doctor telemedicine system, which is delivered to 155,000 health and wellness centers nationally under the government’s Ayushman Bharat scheme. In this article, you will give complete information about the registration of e-Sanjeevani OPD with the help of an online portal or app.

eSanjeevaniOPD Registration Portal – SAFE HOME OPD 2022 All Details:

Check e Sanjeevani OPD Registration at Portal –

There are 4 steps for online registration on e Sanjeevani OPD – registration and token generation, login, waiting room, and counselling. Here further we will discuss these 4 steps in detail –    

eSanjeevaniOPD Registration / Token Generation / Login –

1: First of all you have to visit the official website

2: Now click on “Patient Registration” tab as mentioned here.

3: Now a new page will open, here the mobile number has to be entered for patient registration. 

4: Enter your mobile number and click on the “Send OTP” button. The user then verifies his phone number by entering the OTP. Now the E Sanjeevani OPD Patient Registration Form will open.

5: Keep in mind that while filling out the patient registration form, all the details have to be filled properly, request token for further consultation, and can upload the health record if any. Now applicants will get a patient ID and a token through SMS.

6: Now the applicant has to wait for the SMS notification and then log in with the help of clicking “Patient Login” tab on the e Sanjeevani OPD portal homepage. 

7: Next the E Sanjeevani OPD Patient login page will appear where you have to login by entering the ID. 

8: Enter the mobile number along with the token number and click on the “Login” button.

Now the patient will get admission to the clinic. And further, he will be given a place in the existing queue.

e Sanjeevani OPD Waiting Room & Consultation:

Further process of e sanjeevani opd and consultation with the doctor will be available.

In Waiting Room –

  • Each eSanjeevaniOPD patient is assigned a doctor.
  • Here the “Call Now” button gets activated as soon as the doctor is brought in contact with the patient.
  • At this point, the user has to click the “Call Now” button within 2 minutes.
  • The doctor appears in the video as soon as “call now” is clicked within 10 seconds.

Doctor Consultation –

  • Here the patient gets a chance to consult a doctor.
  • During the consultation, the doctor gets more help if the patient uploads his/her health record. 
  • An electronic prescription is given by the doctor after all consultations. And then the call is terminated.
  • Now the patient finally gets to see the ePrescription.
  • After saving or printing the e-prescription, the patient is logged out of the portal.
  • A link is sent to download the e-prescription. Check Flowstep with the help of this link –

Some Salient Features of e Sanjeevani OPD:

The salient features of the service of this e-Sanjeevani OPD are as follows:-

  • Patient registration
  • Token Generation
  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Audio-Video Consultation with a Doctor
  • ePrescription
  • Fully configurable. 
  • Serviced by State’s Doctors
  • Free Service
  • Queue Management

Below Check Patient Profile / Timings at eSanjeevaniOPD Registration Portal –

Now the applicant should download the prescription and check the patient profile. With the help of the link, e-Sanjeevani OPD can easily check patient profiles. Apart from this, with the help of the link, you can know the time on the e-sanjeevani OPD portal.

How you can the Download e Sanjeevani OPD App from Google Play Store?

Here we have provided the direct link to download e Sanjeevani OPD app from the google play store for all mobile users –

After clicking this link page will open for downloading e-Sanjeevani OPD mobile app.

Here you can download the eSanjeevaniOPD app on your smartphone by clicking on “Install”. Further, follow the e Sanjeevani OPD registration process as mentioned above.

By logging into this e-Sanjeevani OPD app, you can take advantage of its new features. It is quite easy to use.     

Some Frequently Asked FAQ:

What is the use of e Sanjeevani OPD Registration?

While staying at your home, you can consult doctors and take help related to e-prescription, similar to OPD.

Can I generate 2 tokens in one day?

Until one token is used, another new token cannot be generated. The token generated here cannot be revoked.

Where can we do e Sanjeevani OPD registration?

You can do this by visiting the site – portal or eSanjeevaniOPD App.

For how long token will remain valid?

The token once received remains valid until it is used. Or say that e-prescription should not be generated from it. It is observed that this token automatically expires if it is not used by the end of the day.

For more questions, click on or you can know by clicking on   

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