How To Save Instagram Reels Without Posting 2022

How to save Instagram Reels to gallery: The social media platform Instagram has launched a new reel feature, in which Instagram has expanded the content-hosting platform to present short-form videos in vertical scrolling like you might have seen working with TikTok. 

There are several ways you can easily share your reel on Instagram, but can you keep the reel to be published ahead of time? Next, we are going to discuss this topic in this post. We are know How to save Reels in gallery in this article. You should read full information.

How To Save Instagram Reels Without Posting 2022

Can You Save Instagram Reels Without Posting?

Yes. Instagram lets you record a reel video as well as share it at the same time as you create it, without the need to save it to your camera roll. When you save all reels in your draft, it will remain in the draft until you post it or delete it in the future.        

Can you repost other people’s Reels?

Technically speaking, the answer is no. Except for an Instagram post, a reel posted by someone else cannot be reposted as your reel video. However, you can send reels posted by others within your Stories section or as direct messages to individual users.

You can do this by opening a reel video and tapping on the share icon and then selecting the option ‘Add post to your story that will pop up a menu. Now you can easily share a reel with that person by tapping the ‘Send’ button next to the name of a user you know.

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How many Reels can you save as drafts on Instagram:

Save your stories and posts for later uploading, similarly you can save as many reels as you want on Instagram. You can see all the reels you have saved along with all the other reels you have inside the reels tab, here only you will be able to see them.

Where can you find your Saved Reels: 

When you save all Instagram reels as a draft, the saved reels will appear in the Reels tab inside your profile, here you will see all the reels you have uploaded before and now. However, here you can see the difference between your uploaded reels and those saved in Drafts as the latter will be present in the ‘Drafts’ folder.

Can you edit the Reels that you saved in drafts?

The answer is yes. Edit all reels saved in Drafts the same way you would post and already created stories on Instagram.

How to save Reels to draft for posting later:

You can now save your Instagram reels for later posting by taking them in a draft. To do this you have to first record the reel video by opening the story’s camera and also make some necessary changes inside the video. Even after saving this video in the draft, you can easily make further changes to it.

Once the video is recorded, to confirm recording tap on the right arrow and now tap on the arrow icon on the lower right corner. Doing so will take you to the ‘Share’ screen which is the last step for the reels to be uploaded online.

To save all your Instagram reels as drafts, tap the ‘Save as draft’ button at the bottom of the ‘Share’ screen. This way you have successfully saved your reels in a draft to be uploaded at any time in the future.

How to edit saved Reels from your draft:

To edit an already saved reel video, you must first go to your reel section on Instagram. To do all this, open the Instagram app and tap the Profile tab at the bottom, and then hit the Reels tab.

Going inside the reels tab and tapping on the draft box, you will now see all the reels saved on Instagram. Now all you have to do is tap the reel video you want to edit and when the ‘Share’ menu appears, press the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right corner.

You can make all necessary changes in the video as per your wish and then share it as per your choice. I hope you have got some point related to How to save Instagram Reels in galleryHow to save Instagram draft Reels in galleryHow to save Instagram Reels in gallery with music and How to save Reels with audio.

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