IORA Gujarat Gov In – Emojani Gujarat Online Process

IORA Gujarat Gov In Emojani Gujarat Online Process: The way we keep the details of our other things, goods, and land, in the same way, the farmer also keeps the complete details of his land with him. In earlier times all the work was done in offices, but nowadays everything has changed. 

The Government of Gujarat has given this facility to the farmer’s brothers there. Now those people will have to go online only to measure the extent of the land, manual will no longer work, even if anyone did, then everything will be declared invalid or will be rejected.

IORA Gujarat Gov In – Emojani Gujarat Online Process

For this, we have been given a website by the Gujarat government, we have to go there and do all the work. First, we have to deposit the fee there, so that the process starts soon after that. Its website is, measurement papers will also be given after the fee is deposited by it. 

Measurement sheets will also be given to those who have taken measurements within 30 days for quick measurement and within 90 days for aggregation. In today’s article, we will tell you about IORA, a new campaign run by the Gujarat government for land-related documents. If you also want to get some information regarding this, then you have come to the right place. Its main links are –

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IORA Gujarat Gov In – Emojani Gujarat Online Process:

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If the farmer brothers of Gujarat have any objection to their measurement later, then the Gujarat government has now given two new options to the farmers. The revenue sources show that his work will be able to measure up to the best. All they have to do is go online and click on its official website. The information of which is given below.
Emojani Gujarat Process Step by Step:
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In this, the Revenue Department of Gujarat has further issued an order to make the land survey system faceless. At the end of adult deliberations it has also been decided to create another revenue service of land. You can do all the work by going to an online website to measure your land or just a small part of it.

In this regard, discussions are going on about issuing instructions to the IORA portal and issuing a direction to the Land Registry Department. Gujarat government is thinking of doing this work through “Emojini application”. This matter is actively considered from time to time, and new rules are also issued.
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 Read Official Circular – Click Here

Only a few patterns will be available on portal, only we will be able to do that online.  Because their prescribed samples will be available online on the official website. Whatever data we need for online measurement, which we have to fill, we can also get it from the “Second Gram Panchayat Office” set by the Panchayat Department. 

After that, we will be able to fill out our form. And if there is any inconvenience or problem in doing so, then they can also apply online for help by contacting the help desk in the District Inspector Land Registry Office.
જમીન નો ઓનલાઇન રેકોર્ડ જોવા અહિ ક્લિક કરો –  Click here to view online land records.

To view the land records online, all the district inspectors will be assigned staff to help the help desk in the land registry, which will help us in this task. This work will be done in two phases –

In the first phase, the extent measurement, share measurement, and other measures done by the farmers can be done online. In the second phase, other types of measurement will be done online.

There will be a different measurement for different survey numbers. But in the case of “Share Measure” and “Limit Measure”, if there is water between the same survey numbers, an equal number of numbers can be selected for measurement out of the required number. There will be 2 types of priority in measurement.

  • simple measurement
  • agent measurement

These will be settled within 30 days from the date of generation of payment receipt.

EMojni Apply Online

In the case of share measurement, GNU will have a system of affidavits with the consent of all the occupiers and the shareholders. An affidavit has been uploaded to see the share of the occupants, they will not be measured. 

All the signatures will also have to be done in the affidavit, if the signatures of all the occupants are not there, then in case of non-measurement, the measurement will be free and the measurement will be estimated from such an estimate.

Latest Steps Online Varsai Gujarat on iORA:

To see their updates also, we have to go to its official website online and follow the following steps – 

  • To fill the new application, the consumer should visit the online iORA portal
  • On the main page of the iORA portal, click on “Apply Online”, or click on the one you wish to apply for from amongst the various things mentioned on the main page.
  • Select the application and type of application, whatever work we have to do.
  • Now fill in the rest of the information like district, select the district, taluka, and village to apply for the district survey numbers.

Note: – In case of more than one surveyor, apply separately for the survey number.

  • After that, enter the applicant’s mobile number and – mail.
  • Then read the syncPassword code displayed on the screen and enter it in the textbox shown.
  • Then the captcha code will appear, if you are not able to read the captcha code, then click on “refresh code” so that the new captcha code will appear on the screen.
  • After entering the captcha code, click on “Generate OTP”. By generating the OTP, different verification codes will be received on the applicant’s mobile number and mail. Enter the mobile number and – by typing in the checkbox next to ‘Mail’ the various verification codes received on the mail and click “Submit”.
In the case of IORA Gujarat Gov In website limit and measurement thereof, a signed consent form will also have to be uploaded. More than one occupant will have the signatures of those occupants who have agreed to sign, but measurements must be made even if not all occupants have signatures. 

And if the survey number shows possession other than those mentioned in the online application, then the measurement will not be done and the survey will work on that and it will be uploaded in the system. In such a situation, the additional measurement fee will be fixed and the measurement will be done.

In this way, we will be able to do only that work, which will get the options on it. For all these works, we have to go to its official website, which is as follows –
Official website –

Hope you have got the solution to all your problems regarding this in this article. I think you read out full details related to iORA portal indexiORA onlineAnyror Gujarat and Iora Gujarat gov in online application.

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