Jazz DoubleUp Method 2022 – Double Number on One SIM

Enjoy Double Number on One SIM with Jazz DoubleUp Method 2022: If you are a jazz user, then there is good news for you, which you can know by reading this article completely. Under this, you can also put a second virtual jazz number on your Jazz SIM. That is to say. Whatever SIM you are using now, you can use another Jazz number on the same. This Jazz Double Up number can be used by prepaid users only.

Jazz Double Number Offer 2022 – Jazz Double number on Single SIM:

If you want to put another virtual number on the Jazz SIM, you must dial a code for it. Next, we explained all the information about using two numbers on a single Jazz SIM.

Under this facility, currently, only one virtual number can be used on a SIM. From that number, you can call and send an SMS. You can also receive SMS along with calls on this number.        

How Can You Get Two Numbers on One Jazz Sim?

You can easily use two numbers on your single Jazz Sim. This simple process is explained below here. 

1. Next, by dialing 4030, select 1 to subscribe to this offer, or you can send it by typing “Sub” to 4030 to receive it via SMS.

2. If you wish to unsubscribe from this offer, select 0 by dialing 4030 or you can send “unsubscribe” to 4030 to unsubscribe from the offer via SMS.

How does it work?

When you dial 4030 from Jazz number or SMS to 4030 by typing “Sub.” This way, you are given a virtual number on the same SIM card.

Note: Here, you are given a number by Jazz; you cannot choose the number of your choice. Only the given number has to be used.  

How to use this number for calls and SMS?

1. Making a Call:

Whenever you want to make a call through a virtual number, you have to dial 88 in front of the number on which you want to call. For example, if you want to call 7898005566, you would dial 887898005566. Now your number will be shown on the receiver’s screen.

Similarly, whenever someone calls your virtual number, your mobile screen will show 88 before that number. This way, you understand that the call is coming to your second number.

2. Sending an SMS:

To avail of the facility of sending SMS from a double number, type 88 before the original number to which you want to send the SMS. This way, your double number will be visible to the SMS recipient.

Suppose you receive such an SMS under this facility. So 88 will appear before that number. You can understand that the message has been sent to the virtual number.
Some Important Points:

1. Whenever you make a call or SMS from the virtual number, the balance amount is debited from the regular number account.   

2. With this, you can call and SMS any number other than PTCL numbers.   

3. Can not take any kind of SMS package, call package, or other offers on this double number.    

Charges and Rules:

1. For this, a subscription fee of Rs 1.44 must be paid daily.

2. It charges Rs.0.60 per SMS.

3. In addition to the call charges, there is a charge of Rs 0.72 per 30-second call.

4. There is no extra charge to be paid under the SMS facility. 

5. In this facility, whenever you dial 4030 or send an SMS to 4030, a fee of Rs 0.60 is charged.

6. You can dial 4030 and then select the 0 option to unsubscribe at any time with this double number facility. 

7. You can also unsubscribe double numbers by sending an SMS “Unsubscribe” to 4030.

What Can You do with this Offer?

Suppose someone has put your number on the blacklist, then you cannot call from your regular number in this situation. Then you can call that person with a double number facility for 1 hour.

If someone is not attending to your call, you can call him with the help of a double number.

If you want to save your number from being leaked, you can take advantage of this facility by calling them from your virtual number.

After using this feature, you can terminate your subscription anytime if it is no longer useful; again, you will not have to pay any fee.

I hope you got all the information from this post: Jazz double number Offer 2022, Double Number on One SIM with Jazz DoubleUp Method, Jazz number check code, One SIM 2 numbers, And Jazz Double no Got to know about it. If you get the benefit, join soon so you can get a lot of information like this.

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